Unique Genesis NFTs signed by original artists in our Lottery

Our NFT Lottery Event is officially launched! Here is a preview of the prizes that you can potentially win.
Sep 15, 2021 3:12 PM

Dear Manga Token Community,

Our NFT Lottery is official launched and we are thrilled to share with you the prizes that we will be awarding in this event.

Manga NFT Prize Sneak Peak

Each prize in our Manga NFT Lottery is a uniquely crafted and signed art piece specially created for you.

By Takeru Kirishima

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Manga title: Prince of Lan Ling

Description: Prince on Lan Ling is written by Yoshiki Tanaka, an author known as Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Manga art by Takeru Kirishima. The Prince of Lan Ling is good-looking enough to attract companions, even their enemies, he always wore a mask in the battlefield.

Art piece: Yuè Qín from Prince of Lan Ling

NFT quantity: 1 unique piece

Sample of Yuè Qín from Prince of Lan Ling by Takeru Kirishima

Art piece: Prince of Lan Ling

NFT quantity: 1 unique piece

Sample of Prince of Lan Lingby Takeru Kirishima

Notable works of Takeru Kirishima:

a. Gokudo kun Manyuki


c. FATE/STAYNIGHT Comic anthology


By Yuzuki Momoi

Behance | Adobe Lightroom

Manga title: ZAN

Description: ZAN is originaly created by Yoshitaka Amano, an Artist/creator known as Speed Racer, Vampire Hunter D and Final Fantasy series. Yuzuki Momoi as a manga artist. ZAN is on a journey filled with battles to release a light that is being caught by darkness.

Art piece: ZAN

NFT quantity: 1 unique piece

Sample of ZAN by Yuzuki Momoi

Notable works of Yuzuki Momoi:

a. Santa Company (LINE Manga)

b. ZAN (SOZO Comics)

Awards won by Yuzuki Momoi:

a. “Shunran” Magazine flowers, Special award, Shogakukan

b. “Aoao” Magazine Afternoon, Special award, Kodansha

c. “Gin no Kure” Grand prize, Hibana, Shogakukan

By Chiharu Shinagawa

Line | Youtube

Manga title: Yomakan

Description: Original fantasy action manga from Chiharu Shinagawa, which won Special award on Sunday magazine, Shogakukan. Shibamito dreams of living in a fashionable city. The Western-style house where she will live had a big secret that will affect the fate of the world.

Art piece: Yomakan

NFT quantity: 1 unique piece

Sample of Yomakan by Chiharu Shinagawa

Notable works of Chiharu Shinagawa:

a. “Santa Company (LINE Manga)

b. “Koala no march” Lotte Commercial “

Awards won by Chiharu Shinagawa:

a. “Spear” Special award on Sunday magazine, Shogakukan

b. “Yomakan” Special award on Sunday magazine, Shogakukan

c. “Zankionden” Special editor award on JUMP SQ, Shueisha

By Shiori Kawana

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Manga title: Fade-Away Bunny

Description: Suutan, a bunny suffering from poor mental health. She faces depression, plastic surgery, shopaholicism, a gaming addiction, insomnia, unscoiability, anxiety, psychiatrist appointments, self-harm, and more… She’s a frail spirit, so try not to get her too worked up…

Art piece: Self-harm Suutan

NFT quantity: 1 unique piece

Sample of Self-harm Suutan by Shiori Kawana

Notable works of Shiori Kawana:

a. Egwin & Friends

Awards won by Shiori Kawana:

a. “Fade-Away Bunny” Ranked #1 on LINE indies manga (underground genre)

How to Participate in our Manga NFT Lottery

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Winning Tip:

The more friends you refer, the more entries you get and the higher your chances of winning. Don’t lose out in the game!