How to add USDT into your Metamask wallet on the Binance Smart Chain

Quick steps to get your metamask wallet ready to use USDT on BSC
Sep 16, 2021 3:01 PM

Step One:

Log in to your Metamask account.

Note: Make sure that you’ve already added the Binance Smart chain to your Metamask wallet. If not, you can see the instructions here.

After logging in, click the “Add Token” button. Like what you see on the image below

Step Two:

After opening the “Add Tokens” page, click on the “Custom Token” tab like what you can see on the screenshot below.

Step Three:

Next step is to click on Custom Token, then copy and paste this USDT contract address: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

Verify the contract address at BSCScan

MetaMask will then display USDT as a token symbol field and number 6 in Decimals of Precision field. Click on the Next button after it’s showed.

Step Four:

Lastly, all you need to do is to click on the Add Tokens button.

The USDT Token will then be added into your MetaMask Wallet.