A step by step guide on how to stake your $MANGA on Unifarm!

Stake Tokens Using MetaMask It is very easy to use MetaMask to stake your tokens. NOTE: Always keep these things in mind:
Oct 6, 2021 11:15 AM

Stake Tokens Using MetaMask
It is very easy to use MetaMask to stake your tokens. NOTE: Always keep these things in mind:

Please get your MetaMask account ready to be able to stake tokens on UniFarm.
For the instructions on How to make a Metamask wallet, click HERE.

To pay for gas fees, you should make sure that you have ETH/BSC/MATIC in your MetaMask.
After completing the requirements listed above, you should follow the steps below to start staking your MANGA tokens on UniFarm.

First step:

Go to this website: then click the “Switch Network” button.

At this point, select Binance Network.

Note: — Choosing a network depends on a particular UniFarm Cohort. For this guide, we are going to select Binance

Second Step:

On the top right corner, click on “Connect Wallet” and you there will be 3 wallet options to choose from.

Choose your wallet option from MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet.

Note: For this tutorial, we’ll be using MetaMask.

When you’ve successfully connected your wallet with UniFarm, your Wallet Address will be seen on the top right corner.

Third Step:

Now it’s time to choose the token of your choice. And of course we will choose $MANGA here.

Put the amount of tokens you want to stake on the subsequent field.

And now, click on SHOW ME AVAILABLE POOLS.

  • To see your wallet’s maximum token balance, click MAX.
  • You will not be able to stake more than the available token balance in your wallet.

Fourth Step

The system will retrieve all of the information for your selected token, with the most recent pool at the top — for example, APY, MAXIMUM STAKING LIMIT, POOL STRENGTH, and so on.

Fifth Step:

Click STAKE NOW to view the GUARANTEED returns you’ll receive after staking $MANGA token for 180 DAYS.

Note: Number of days the pool will last maybe different.

Sixth Step:

You should now be able to see the rewards you’ll receive after staking your selected token for 180 DAYS.

Click on APPROVE.

Seventh Step:

Your wallet will tell you to approve the tokens.


Click CONFIRM to continue, or you can click REJECT to cancel the transaction.

Eight Step:

Once you have approved the interaction, click STAKE.

Ninth Step

Once more, your wallet will now ask you to display the number of tokens you’re staking on UniFarm as well as the Gas Fee required for the transaction.

Kindly click on CONFIRM.

Tenth Step:

Congratulations! You have successfully staked $MANGA Tokens on UniFarm.

View My Stakes
Click on “My Stakes”.

You may now see a list of all the tokens you’ve staked (with the most recent at the top), as well as their current reward status, projected return, and stake duration.